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Come enjoy polynesia from the comfort of one of our 8 air conditioned Fales (rooms).

Each Fale has a water view and is elevated to increase airflow and provide a spectacular viewing platform from the deck.


All Fales can be converted to a king or Twin bed on request.


Comfort: All Fales are air conditioned to provide shelter from the south pacific heat, we can also provide heavier blankets if you get cold at night. Our mattresses are all imported from America and are of a quality brand that provides ultimate comfort and relaxation. Our showers are built into a natural stone wall inside the bathrooms, they are spacious and have solar hot and cold water options.

Cleanliness: Our Fales are serviced daily by our dedicated and honest housekeeping staff, we pride ourselves on cleanliness and comfort in the rooms.

Safety: Samoa being a village governed society has very minimal crime and any kind of serious theft is rare or unheard of out here. However we do suggest you lock your rooms when surfing if you feel the need and we have a safe in the office for any expensive goods, passports or things you wish to keep locked away. Samoa is very much a safe and family friendly area however we do employ security staff who cover the grounds every night, mainly to keep the pigs out of our gardens but they are alert and aware of any kind of trespasser.

SALANI Accomodations
Salani Surf Resort
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