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A Wave for Every Surfer

If you have booked you trip with us then sit back and relax, leave the guessing of where to surf out of the equation, we will try to give you the best option on any given day.  We are the longest operated surf resort on the island and we still have a few tricks up our sleeve. Our main waves and bread and butter are the epic right and left directly located in front of the resort, this is what you came to Samoa to surf but if these waves are not doing what we want we have a list of other options for you. 

South Coast

Our "every day" wave, and this wave will barrel at any size- and handle it! With multiple take-off spots; the right is a shorter wave that can either barrel from start to finish or be a combo of open face sections and barrels. South is the preferred swell direction; the wave gets longer with a SW swell, and shorter with a SE swell. There is a large clearly defined channel and current to carry you back out to the line up. Can be surfed on lower tides depending on the size and swell direction.
With a clean lined up ground swell is a "goofy footers dream". It's a long fast breaking full barrel ride over coral reef/flat rock that gets faster, and hollower as you go down the line. This wave is typically surfed from 2-10' faces. The wave does not end very close to the channel, so on bigger days getting back out can be a little tricky. Best at medium tide with SE swell. Great view of this wave from the guest fales; tends to get the guests moving in the morning when they see spitting barrels from their decks!
A left hander that is surfable when most other spots are too big.  Tucked away in one of the most beautiful bays on the island, this secluded left hander in turquoise blue water is what most goofy footers dream about.  Boulders is and Awesome place to bring the wife and kids, and a great location for picnic.  
No Names
Recently discovered by salani management and not named yet, high performance right hander. Super fun and located in a beautiful location with a sandy beach for onlookers to relax on.  This is a Sunday option too. 
The Island
A fickle but good lefthander off a deserted island , iconic location and can sometimes be the go to if other spots blow out on the tradewinds. 
A good and longer top to bottom right hander that really turns on the more west we get in our swell.  Fickle and Does not break all the time but when its on its truly a magic spot.  Only a quick boat ride from salani.  
All kinds of setups & un-named spots breaking on certain directions of swell and wind combos.

North Coast

The North coast of Samoa offers a long list of spots to paddle to and is only a short  40-60 min drive from our resort.  We are the closest of any of the surf operations to these spots and often score these zones to ourselves due to the long overland mission that other surfers or surf operation would have to encounter. These spots break in our summer Nov-May and are located in areas where it seems time has forgotten about.  Absolutely breathtaking set ups and truly epic surf spots.

River Mouth

A skate park, this right and left hand peak breaks over dead reef, the right breaks into a river providing many lip bashing sections.  The left bends in on itself making for a great wave to do airs or big hacks.

On bigger swells the take off will wedge up providing an amazing barrel opportunity before spitting you out into an absolute skate park of a wave. On a decent north swell this wave is like the wedge meets trestles.  


A big barreling right hander which will spit hard into the channel, for experts who like to get stand up pits.  Big channel and a perfect set up when the NW swell is bumping.


This noosa like right hand wave requires  us to walk around a point and then a little paddle across another bay where you will meet one of the most picturesque right handers Polynesia has to offer.  Only breaking on certain swell angles. This little secret gem is a longer right hander breaking over very colorful reef.  Hidden from the winds, a trip saver if the surf gets stormy and big, this spot will be fire and a leg burner.  This wave breaks most often in June through November when tradewinds prevail. 


A beautiful bay with a mix of right handers that can really turn on in the summer,  Jurassic park  backdrop.  Expect to be surfing alone here.


Waterfalls:  A dredging up right hander located very close to the lava shoreline. 


Others: Several  other spots unnamed that can turn on from time to time.

Find Your Perfect Wave

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