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salani right
Our "every day" wave, and this wave will barrel at any size- and handle it! With multiple take-off spots; the right is a shorter wave that can either barrel from start to finish or be a combo of open face sections and barrels. South is the preferred swell direction; the wave gets longer with a SW swell, and shorter with a SE swell. There is a large clearly defined channel and current to carry you back out to the line up. Can be surfed on lower tides depending on the size and swell direction.

With a clean lined up ground swell is a "goofy footers dream". It's a long fast breaking full barrel ride over coral reef/flat rock that gets faster, and hollower as you go down the line. This wave is typically surfed from 2-10' faces. The wave does not end very close to the channel, so on bigger days getting back out can be a little tricky. Best at medium tide with SE swell. Great view of this wave from the guest fales; tends to get the guests moving in the morning when they see spitting barrels from their decks!

salani left
secret surf spot samoa

There are several other breaks available that we access by car or by boat. Some of these breaks are accessed by other boats only and require a guide fee, others by overland transfers. The key is to listen to your surf guides when they are explaining the conditions and what to expect at each locations. If there is something special happening they will let you know all about it.

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secret surf spot samoa
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