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Goofy Footers Dream

Salani surf report for last week September 10th-16th It was a week for the goofy footers with super fun lefts for most of the week . Ranged from 2-3ft and very fun smackable to some sick 3-5ft bombs on late tues-Wednesday and super hollow📷🙌 late in the week the lads surfed boulders fun which was a nice surprise as we haven't seen the usual bomb swells over the winter months as per usual that really gets boulders going! Check us out or book online at or use one of our lovely agents USA@Waterways Travel Aus@ World Surfaris or NZ@IslandHolidays #surfingsamoa #salani #uncrowdedwaves #surfingvacation # waves #pacificsurf #holidays #pumping #barrels #samoa

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