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On the South Coast of Upolu, where the spring-fed waters of a tropical river meet the blue South Pacific you will find a small enclave for surfers and their families, a place combining quality waves, pristine environment, recreational activities, living Polynesian culture, and services about which the modern surf-traveler dreams. Samoa receives powerful, quality surf year round and Salani Surf Resort is optimally located to take advantage of the conditions.


Salani Surf Resort, located on Upolu’s South East coast, is for travelers looking to experience the best of Samoa’s surf, heartwarming culture and natural beauty. Although Salani is a dedicated surf resort guests are encouraged to bring along non-surfing partners and families. Our aim is for every guest to have a safe, comfortable and enjoyable experience. We employ well trained boatmen for surf guides; whose job is to get you safely into the best waves.

Whether you are looking for the perfect wave, a relaxing holiday or fantastic beaches, come relax and enjoy!

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